Is LSBF / London School of Business and Finance Suspended?

Posted September 25th, 2011

Baba asked: Is London School of Business and Finance suspended? I cannot find them on the UKBA register of sponsors. I am worried as I was going to apply.Bryce

If someone is not really great at math, is it advisable for that person NOT TO TAKE A BUSINESS/FINANCE COURSE?

Posted September 24th, 2011

HOLY CAMOLY asked: If someone is not really great at math, is it advisable for that person NOT TO TAKE A BUSINESS/FINANCE COURSE IN COLLEGE?

What Ivy League colleges offer scholarships in Business and Economy (Finance)?

Posted September 21st, 2011

Tuyara asked: Hey, just wondering,
what Ivy League schools for undergraduates offer good scholarships or discounts for Business?
or Economy and Finance departments?
that’s what I am planning on studying. And scholarship would be very nice.
and if they do offer scholarships, what are the requirements? what should i do to apply?
thank you very much. xx.Buddy

How is accounting, international business, finance related to economics?

Posted September 19th, 2011

Elainee asked: Basically my question is, how are all the business courses somehow related to economics, is it because economics has to do with the economy as a whole, and all the other subjects are linked to the economy as a whole? What do you think?Antwan

Is it enough,18hrs per week for a business finance sophmore student?

Posted September 15th, 2011

1231314 asked: according to the plan, so i can graduate in 3 years , my college gave me 18hours per week each semester , and honestly it feels like nothing ? is that normal ? or my university’s curriculum is week? should i change it ? and plus do u think i should go for [...]

Does a business/finance degree guarantee a well paid job at the end of it?

Posted September 9th, 2011

Willie1 asked: Also, what careers are available for someone with a degree in Business Finance?Corey

Finance Major vs Finance concentration in Business Admin Major, does it matter?

Posted September 8th, 2011

Elizabeth T asked: I’m currently in an undergrad college. What sounds better to employers, a major in Finance or a major in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. (If I do the concentration, I plan to do a double concentration in finance and marketing). So i guess it’s 2 questions, 1. [...]

Any advice for a business finance A-Level exam?

Posted September 6th, 2011

Ashleigh Hunter asked: I have my business finance exam tomorrow, and I am desperate for some help or revision ideas.

What do all these business/finance terms mean?

Posted September 1st, 2011

blackberrydude117 asked: In the show dragons den, they say they want $100,000 for 30% of the business(as an example). Does this mean they will own 30% of the company? And if so what is the benefit of that? Also what is royalty and equity. For example: “I will pay a 5% royalty fee” or “I [...]