What do people who major in Business Finance do?

Posted July 25th, 2011

Kandice asked: Wha kinds of jobs do they do and what kind of places do they work at?Nathaniel

What types of careers allow you to combine Business and Finance?

Posted July 24th, 2011

Mr Economist asked: I am currently an economics major, and I am studying both corporate strategy and finance modules. What types of careers allow you to combine these interests? Would be grateful for any advice. Thanks.Lazaro

Explain net present value and internal rate of return methods in business finance?

Posted July 21st, 2011

monash0z asked: how would you explain the different rankings given by the net present value and internal rate of return methods? when referring to a companies cash flows and finances.Tyler

Business finance?

Posted July 16th, 2011

Johanna asked: 1) Marginal analysis states that financial decisions should be made and actions taken only when
A) demand equals supply.
B) benefits equal costs.
C) added benefits exceed added costs.
D) added benefits are greater than zero.
2) The primary goal of the financial manager is
A) minimizing risk.
B) maximizing profit.
C) maximizing wealth.
D) minimizing return.
3)One way [...]

Switch my intended major from Business Management to Finance?

Posted July 16th, 2011

JohnP asked: So basically I got into a school and was accepted to their business school of management or whatever. How difficult would it be for me to request a change in my major to finance? I’m currently a senior in high school and i’m just wondering is this common to change from the major [...]

What jobs can you get with a major in either Finance or Business?

Posted July 13th, 2011

rye asked: I know that those are the most lucrative majors and I’m just wondering what jobs would be best. Human resources, accountant, financial advisor? What job in either finance or business makes the most money and how much schooling does it take to get that job? Thanks!Lawrence

How do i start a Micro finance business?

Posted July 11th, 2011

Tom Tee asked: My brothers and i want to start a micro finance business in vietnam. I was wondering how could i find the software for the loans? also what would be the pros and cons on having this business.Dusty